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Timothy McSizemore bombs Oregon public service infrastructure

Cinco De Mayo, 2000

In his relentless attack on Oregon's public services on behalf of his wealthy backers, Bill Sizemore is now proposing to pay teachers according to the "increase in appropriate knowledge" achieved by their students. The Oregonian story "Teachers will battle pay linked to results" (4/29/00) describes the ballot initiative and acknowledges glaring problems, but nevertheless presents the idea seriously. The law would , of course, result in a great mess - which would suit Sizemore, Hemstreet, McIntire, and other enemies of public education just fine. Any way they can throw sand into the gears of public affairs fits right into their agenda. They can then sit back and criticize and say, "just look at how poorly the public sector performs." Sizemore's proposed "merit pay" law does not define "appropriate knowledge" or specify how it should be measured or by whom. This is a guarantee of a long and costly legal struggle. Regardless of how the court battle resolved, here is no consideration given to how costly it would be to track and evaluate every single student's progress in every subject for every term of school. Many of Sizemore's rightwing associates are already criticizing the CIM reforms and the testing required to track students in 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th grades. The CIM tests are nothing compared to the mess the merit pay law would cause. Apparently inconsistency is no problem for the ultra-conservativves, as long as their attacks go forward. The merit pay idea is just an attempt at monkey-wrenching the public school system. The Sizemore initiatives, are all legalistic Oregon versions of the bomb set off by Timothy McVey which destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the name of privatization and profit for the rich, Sizemore and other stooges are willing and ready to extreme damage to the public services infrastructure of Oregon.