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Elian brainwashed and abused while politicians,media stall

April 4, 2000

Love, politics and Elian Gonzalez (The Oregonian, 3/31/00) editorially despises the political games being played using the 6-yr-old as a pawn. However the editorial includes its own gratuitous political pandering in the form of Fidel-bashing: "She (Elian's mother) preferred the risk of a sea escape to living under the boot heels of Castro's wretched regime." Such petty name calling is surely a throwback to the jingoism of the darkest days of the Cold War - of which Elian is a post-war victim.

More seriously, the posturings of the politicians, Vice-President Al Gore's statement in particular, calling for additional hearings in state courts, have the consequence of further delays in reuniting Elian with his father. In the words of David Abraham, a University of Miami law professor, "They (the Miami relatives) are kidnappers and they are banking on the passage of time to turn a kidnapping into an adoption."Chicago Tribune, 4/01/00 Besides, the Miami relatives have had their day in court. Last month Federal District Court Judge Michael Moore ruled that Elian belongs with his father.

In none of the sensational media coverage has the point been made that Elian's statement, made in his interview with Diane Sawyer(ABC News, 3/27/00), that he believes his mother is alive and in Miami, but has amnesia, is clear evidence that the boy's mind has been tampered with. He obviously did not come up with the amnesia theory all on his own. Somebody put that idea in his head -- and for a purpose. Later in the interview, Elian said he did not want his father to come and take him away from Miami -- not surprising since he believes his mother is there and mentally injured.

This is clear evidence of child abuse of the cruelist kind. No matter the immigration issue, the boy should be removed at once from the home and community where he is being brainwashed. If it can be determined which indivdual(s) in the Lazaro Gonzales' household is responsible for jeapordizing this boy's emotional health in his grief over his mother's death, they should be criminally prosecuted.