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US environmentalists called "Terrorists"
Even The Nation covers for Israel
Israel holds hostages
Israel's surrogate militia bombs Lebanese school
NPR anti-Arab racism
Double standard in NPR coverage of Middle East struggle
Jewish art, Palestinian land
US media finds Jews suffer, Palestinians blamed
Indefadah II
US vetoes UN observers in Palestine
Israeli propaganda creates obstacles to peace over Jerusalem
The World Rejects US Bullying and Racism
The Question "Why do militant Muslims hate us?" yields more spin than answers

US War against Afgan/Taliban/terrorism expands, bombs UN

Sound byte news minimizes reports of "collateral damage" including innocent Afgans killed

On War Day 2, US bombs UN agency, kills 4 Afgan workers who were removing land mines left over from Cold War. NPR reports these civilians killed - but this "collateral damage" involves the UN. Regarding the rest of the Afgan civilians killed, we hear nothing.

If we read between the lines of the NPR propaganda, we learn that among the people under threat are those travelling in old pickups and suspected of being Taliban soldiers. Pickups suspected of carrying Taliban soldiers are now being targeted by US fighter planes in daylight bombing/strafing raids. The sound-byte report did not explain how a pilot in a fighter jet can discriminate between innocent civilians and soldiers carrying "shoulder-held weapons."

Also, among the details very briefly touched on by NPR is the noticed sent by President "W" Bush to the United Nations stating that the US is planning to bomb other countries besides Afganistan.

The news we get is obviously being carefully managed by the Bush Administration - just as the media propaganda was tightly controlled during the Gulf War ten years ago. Americans who are paying for these bombs and bullets should recall the images from the Gulf War of US planes strafing and bombing columns of thousands of fleeing Iraqi soldiers who were not allowed to surrender at the climax of the war. The current anti-US feeling among the billions of Muslins worldwide is partly a result of that viciousness 10 years ago.