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NPR excuses Israel's holding on to stolen Arab property

March 28, 2000

National Public Radio frequently presents the issue of what is politically possible for Israel in explaining why Prime Minister Barak cannot agree to return the Golan and West Bank and Jerusalem to the Arabs from whom these lands were seized in the 1967 War (eg.,Morning Edition, 3/28/00). According to NPR, Barak's coalition will fall apart if more land is relinquished or if the dispossessed and exiled Arabs are allowed to return. Decades of Israel illegally occupying these properties, while the lawful owners exist in squalid refugee camps in lebanon, Jordan and elsewhere, cannot be excused by such political considerations.

The World Jewish Congress is busily campaigning for art stolen from Jews by the Nazis to be returned. (3/24/00 ATC/NPR report by David D'Arcy). Just so, the lands stolen from the Arabs should likewise be returned. It is no more just or moral or lawful for Israel to occupy and annex Arab property seized in war than it is for art dealers to keep stolen art or for Saddam Hussain to be allowed to seize and keep part of Kuwait. There is clearly a double standard in the NPR news reporting and in the US foreign policy.