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Israel's surrogate militia bombs Lebanese school

Anti-Arab propaganda on National Public Radio

February 11, 2000

For the fourth morning in a row, Morning edition is describing events in the escalating conflict between Israel and the Hezbollah in Lebanon from a pro-Israeli bias. This is nothing new, of course. The anti-Arab racism permeates the US mainstream media.

In today's NPR report, correspondent James Scoffield asserts that the recent killing of 7 Israeli soldiers shows the Hezbollah will not allow Israel to withdraw peacefully from South Lebanon. This is absurd. Israel is not in the process of withdrawing. Under the rules of the 1997 "Grapes of Wrath" US-brokered agreement between Israel and Hezbollah, attacks against civilians are not allowed. There is no prohibition against Hezbollah attacks upon IDF forces.

Israel has suggested that this week's IDF attacks upon Lebanese power plants and other civilian targets are justified by the Hezbollah killing of Israeli soldiers. There is no evidence that these killings were launched directly from civilian areas, as claimed by Israel. Of course, the entire 9-mile-wide area occupied by Israel as its "security zone" is Lebanese territory and home to Lebanese civilians. To be sure, anything the Hezbollah does to resist the illegal Israeli occupation must originate from within the "security zone," and thus from a civilian area; apparently this absurd word-play is the sole basis for Israel's ridiculous claims.

If these racist statements were being made in the context of an NPR commentary, that would be one thing; for them to be heard as news reporting is pure propaganda.