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US vetoes UN Security Council Resolution placing observers in West Bank and Gaza

March 28, 2001

The US has vetoed a UN Security Council Resolution placing international observers in the West Bank and Gaza areas of conflict between Israeli Jews and the Palestinians. The disgraceful US veto of the resolution, which had passed nine to zero - with five European member nations abstaining, was only the most recent of US interventions to protect Israel from world-wide condemnation for its racist violence and ethnic cleansing exerted against Palestinians.

The disgrace of the US Security Council veto is compounded by the coincidence that the 22-member League of Arab Nations is currently meeting to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Also high on the agenda is the now ten-year-old US/UN sanctions regime against Iraq for invading and seizing part of Kuwait in 1991. Juxtaposition of these two topics emphasizes considerable irony in the circumstance of the US being both the world leader in waging the Gulf War and afterwards promoting and preserving the sanctions against Iraq, while on the other hand protecting Israel from sanctions for just the same offense: seizing territory by force.

Continuing the irony, both seizures are defended by claims based on historical occupation. In the case of Iraq, the claim was based on a mere 50-year absence from the disputed territory. Israel's claims span a period of 2000 years ; that's how long it has been since people called The West Bank and Gaza "Judea" and "Sammaria."

Indeed the past ten years of UN-US peace-keeping actions in the Balkans has been to resist just the type of racist and ethnic cleansing which the Israelis have practiced against the Palestinians - with US support.

Thanks to US protection, Israel has, for over thirty years, ignored UN General Assembly Resolutions 242 and 338 calling for the return of Palestinian refugees and the land seized by the Israeli Jews in the War of 1967.

US protection for Israel has damaged the credibility of the UN and US foreign policy everywhere. The benefits from protecting Israel go to Israeli Jews who have occupied the properties of the indigenous Palestinians; benefits go also to Israeli and US politicians whose reelection campaigns are supported with Jewish votes and money.