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Israel, not Hamas, broke the truce that started in June of 2008

This graph is from an Israeli military website. The graph was removed from the site a couple of weeks after Israel's 11/4/2008 raid into Gaza. The graph represents the monthly numbers of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel before and during the truce that was declared in late June, 2008.

Note that the rockets had almost stopped during the truce until Israel's 11/4 raid, in which 6 Gazans were killed and 8 seriously wounded.

Officially this raid was described as justified because there was a suspicion that attacks against Israel were being planned by Hamas. We must ask ourselves, however, whether Israel's 11/4 attack was self defense or a deliberate provocation of Hamas to resume rocket fire? If so, it worked. Subsequently Hamas retaliated by firing rockets into northern Israel, rocket fire that then was used to justify Israel's major invasion on Dec 27, 2008 and the killing of over 1300 Gazans.

To review other very similar examples of Israel's practice of using provocations to end peace negotiations go to Israel's assassination of Mahmud Abu Hunud, 11/2001