Teacher, union bashing a race to the bottom

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Subject: The power of money
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999

It has always astonished me that the "think tanks" and organizations that unremittingly denigrate teachers are so well funded and so well represented in the press. SB1180 and 1181 simply continues the trend. If we really want a "third world" state, let's imitate the states in the old South and other "right to work" states. Then we, too, could have student achievement and depressingly low levels. Indeed, where the people who work actually are accorded some basic rights, such as collective bargaining, the standard of living is higher by almost any measure we use.

Although slippage is beginning to occur with the current funding crisis, it is worth noting that Oregon's students excel in relation students anywhere else in the world. You'd think the big money would fight to preserve excellence, not squelch it.
Robert W. Clore, St. Helens, OR