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Oregon Archive 1998 - 2005

OP-ED The Oregonian

Updated June 23, 2005

The following writings include remarks about Oregon's public institutions and government policies, with emphasis on the influence that politics and media coverage have on the formation and implementation of the policies. A majority of these pieces were rejected for publication by The Oregonian. Some probably got what they deserved.

Mayor Potter Protects Portland Against Terrorist Witchhunts New! 06/23/05
Tax-cutting Legislators and short-sighted fund managers fail to save for rainy days; PERS and Oregon State red ink drown schools, public services New! 12/24/02
Oregon tax-cutters take money and run, schools desperate New! 06/07/02
Hillsboro deputies accused of tampering with evidence in shooting New! 04/17/01
The perils of being a good citizen New! 03/25/01
"Money is speech" rule corrupts democracy New! 01/17/01
Swing-state Naderites: hold your noses and vote for Gore New! 10/30/00
Bunn backs Bush, ignores vouchers New! 09/23/00
Police misconduct celebrated in News-Times article New! 9/17/00
The patriotic gullible celebrate the rich and powerful New! 07/08/00
Field tests for drugs bring false accusation of LCSD student New! 06/06/00
The Oregon Taxcut Debate Index: Sizemore VS Kitzhaber,Oregon schools and public services; the total story with 53sources New! 07/04/00
Reinhard defends "double taxation" initiative with doubletalk New! 05/26/00
"Money is Speech" ruling legalizes bribery of politicians and corrupts Oregon's Initiative system New! 05/23/00
Timothy McSizemore bombs Oregon's public service infrastructure New! 05/06/00
Mandatory sentencing law results in travesty for teen New! 04/21/00
Teaching 200 students per day in Lincoln Co. Schools New! 04/11/00
Cascade Institute, the taxcutter's thinktank, loves Measure 5; blames Kitzhaber for centralized school funding New! 03/29/00
Senator Derfler is frustrated more teachers aren't being fired New! 03/21/00
The intimate Memoir of Clatsop Co. DA Josh Marquis New! 03/01/00
Oregon School Report Cards and School Reforms New!02/01/00
Oregon income gap widens; data shows taxcuts don't trickle down New! 01/19/00
Sizemore "doubletax" break for rich New! 12/17/99
Pledging Allegiance and history in Oregon schools New! 11/23/99
addiction and individual and collective responsibility 11/07/99
M69-75 promote DA power, not victims rights! 10/22/99
Oregonian supports drug war over states' rights, Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law 10/21/99
Sarasohn hypes Republicrat school reform 10/09/99
Oregonian's Drug War hype plays role in delaying pain relief 9/15/99
Will Oregon charter schools teach evolution? 8/31/99
1999 Oregon Legislature smelled no worse than a dead cat 8/24/99
Oregon GOP sets teachers up for betrayal -- again .. 6/21/99
Mad Mannix takes revenge on Oregon Constitution, state budget .. 6/04/99
School reform is unfunded mandate .. 4/22/99
Oregon Supreme Court rejects DA's law ..4/13/99
Innovative scheduling in schools: the basic case .. 3/20/99
At the very least, charter schools are premature ..3/20/99
Charter schools unnecessary, wasteful .... 2/03/99
Enemies of public education hype charter schools !.. 1/25/99
St. Valentines Day Massacre revisited ..11/25/98
Soft coverage of Hillsboro violence.. 12/5/98
Spinning the election...oped The Oregonian .. 11/06/98
Reinvented Bordonaro endorsed by The Oregonian .. 10/19/98
M-59 rejected by Law School Deans ..10/13/98
Bordonaro veers left .. 10/04/98
M-59 violates First Amendment rights .. 9/27/98
Oregonian wrong on M-59 .. 9/11/98
Sizemore's M-59 silences debate Labor Day Special!
Suicide and states' rights in Oregon.. 7/28/98
Victims'Rights or Publicly Subsidized Revenge............. 7/11/98
Mental illness killed Thurston High students 5/26/98
Why didn't The Oregonian expose Sizemore sooner?.. 4/19/98
The myth of public employee union power .. 9/11/98
Oregonian likes Clinton anti-drug advertising budget 7/10/98
Lincoln County's Rep. Terry Thompson helps tobacco 6/17/98
Budget cuts make waste in public education policy ..2/10/98

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