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Single-Payer Health Care Funding 06/20/09
Hamas rockets all but stopped until Israel raided on 11/4/2008 02/11/09
Let us suffer a while, President Obama 11/10/08
The Israeli "tail" wags the US "dog" 03/29/06
Maps of Palestinian Land Losses 1948-2000 02/09/05
Economic Democracy is a Family Value 01/08/05
Privatizing Social Security: Icing On the Neo-Con Cake 12/08/04
Bush Hurries to Recruit Sunni Insurgents 12/02/04
John Kerry is Bush Lite: Why change hypocrites in midstream? 04/19/04
Sec.State Colin Powell says Bush didn't really mean to change US Middle East policy on Wednesday 04/16/04
Bush OK's Israeli Annexation of West Bank 04/15/04
The Portland Oregonian editor stands by claim: Iraq's WMD will "inevitably" be found 01/13/04
US Family-wage Jobs Exported to Third World 01/02/04
Marketplace Iraq Occupation report reveals home raids futile, counterproductive 12/13/03
Oregonian editors fail to defend their claim of Iraq's WMD 12/11/03
Google for "miserable failure" 12/02/03
Scapegoating Arafat 10/16/03
Pathological Arrogance by Bush Regime Yields Preventive War and Budget Deficits 09/16/03
Krugman, Class War, taxcuts, deficits, and jobs 09/09/03
US/Israel Flim Flam Palestine Peace 03/27/03
US rush to War stalls, trashes Turkish democracy 03/03/03
Former CIA expert on Iraq says Iran gassed the Kurds; Iraqi Oil AND WATER are Bush's reasons for war 02/18/03
Bush, Media LIES about Iraq WMD exposed! 02/13/03
Portland Protests Bush-Cheney Foreign Policy/ NO ATTACK ON IRAQ 10/06/02
US foreign policy is held hostage by clandestine pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC 11/06/02
Nelson Mandela defends Marwan Barghouti; Israeli Kangaroo Court trial a sham 10/07/02
President Jimmy Carter Supports UN Reso 242; calls for Israeli surrender of land captured in 1967 05/01/02
Bush needs war on Iraq, hypes WMD; UN weapons inspectors spied on Iraq for US assassination of Saddam Husain 03/20/02
Bush tariff on steel betrays open markets dogma, violates Voo-Doo taboo 03/14/02
The Guardian Limited describes example of ISRAELI TERRORISM 03/05/02
War on Terrorism is Self-sustaining, Feeds on Itself, Police State Will Become Permanent 02/08/02
National Public Radio yields to censorship by pro-Israeli Jews 01/24/02
Recession layoffs OK say economic fundamentalists Greenspan and Schlays 01/07/02
September 11th & Aftermath Has Parallels in US History - by Joe Fulton 01/03/02
1948 UN Resolution 194 orders Israel to allow Palestinian refugees to choose to return to their homes or receive compensation 12/07/01
1973 UN Resolution 338 reaffirms Reso 242 ordering Israel to yield control of Palestinian land seized in 1967 12/07/01
UN Resolution 242 orders Israel to yield control of Palestinian land seized in 1967 12/07/01
Hunud assassination was deliberate provocation by Israel 12/04/01
Public relations, propaganda campaign, vague language, inconsistent standards of evidence, pin guilt for 9-11 on immigrants, shield CIA 11/30/01
Israel kills 12, 5 kids, Hamas leader Hunud, to provoke Palestinian martyrs 11/25/01
US Embargo on Iraq, hopelessness, breeds terrorists 11/03/01
Podhoretz blames Islam, holds Israel blameless for 9/11 10/29/01
Barak compares 6000 US dead on Sept. 11 to 200 dead Israeli Jews over 34 years 10/17/01
War against terrorism kills 4 UN workers in Afganistan 10/09/01
After 9/11 "Why do militant Muslims hate us?" yields more spin and anger than answers 10/04/01
Media abuses terrorism label; ELF attends Boston Tea Party 07/12/01
US Media covers up Israeli responsibility for US loss of UN Human Rights Seat 06/03/01
US shielding Israel costs loss of UN Human Rights Seat 05/15/01 The Nation Comment on Middle East Propaganda 04/02/01
US vetoes UN observers to protect Palestinians against Israeli violence 03/28/01
Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Powell love Star Wars, warts and all 03/25/01
US Media prolongs Bush Honeymoon 02/22/01
Reign of George II reprises Reagan era policies 02/07/01
"Money is speech" rule corrupts democracy 01/17/01
Impeach Justices Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist 12/10/00
Swing-state Naderites: hold your noses and vote for Gore 10/30/00
US Media counts Jewish bodies, blames Arabs 10/14/00
Estate taxes embody essential principles of democracy 07/13/00
Grassroots associations essential to political, economic democracy: Reviewing Martin Buber's Paths in Utopia 07/03/00
Iranian vs Israeli Justice - a double standard 07/02/00
Ralph Nader: policies not bytes 07/01/00
End Voo_Doo Economics: Vote Ralph Nader! 05/17/00
Alan Ginsberg on US foreign policy toward Iran 05/10/00
The Third World War: Unpayable Debt and the International Credit Cartel By Dan Armstrong 04/24/00
Gore,Bush,Media stall while Elian is brainwashed 04/04/00
Retention is good education policy and cost-effective 03/30/00
Stolen Jewish Art; Stolen Arab Land 03/28/00
NPR measures Chinese cultural maturity 03/20/00
Anti-Arab propaganda persists on National Public Radio 02/12/00
Paying off the national debt UNFAIRLY 02/02/00
Cuba, Israel, tobacco, etc. special interests hold US democracy hostage 01/18/00
Are labor costs the only cause of inflation? 01/08/00
6-yr-old Cuban boy brainwashed 12/28/99
Israeli surrogate army shells Arab school;threatens peace talks 12/19/99
Students'civil rights: to prayer in Texas and drug testing in Oregon 12/13/99
Repeating failed US policies of international meddling 11/07/99
NPR coverage discounts international law in Occupied Palestine 9/21/99
US policies toward Cuba, Israel inconsistent 8/29/99
Waco fire not suicide; FBI propaganda exposed 8/28/99
Official inflation fear focuses on wages 8/28/99
NPR's Schorr blames earthquake damage on business greed 8/24/99

Education Index

Harassment in schools 5/08/99
ATC exaggerates public employee union power

July 3, 1998

Foreign affairs

USS Vincenes shoots down Iranian airliner 7/04/98
Democracy for Israeli Arabs .. 4/18/98
Cuba has SA allies .. 4/14/98


Public policy in the US legitimizes violence and revenge 5/26/99
Oregonian likes Clinton anti-drug advertising budget 7/10/98
Monsters and other men .. 4/18/98
Iraq Attack costs US $$ .. 3/3/98

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