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Updated June 23, 2005

Mayor Potter Protects Portland Against Terrorist Witchhunts New! 06/23/05
Media abuses terrorism label; ELF attends Boston Tea Party New! 07/12/01
Hillsboro deputies accused of tampering with evidence in shooting New! 04/17/01
The perils of being a good citizen New! 03/25/01
Student-athlete drug testing by Lincoln Co Schools under attack; lawsuit filed New! 10/02/00
Police misconduct celebrated in News-Times article New! 9/17/00
Field tests for drugs bring false accusation of LCSD student New! 06/06/00
Mandatory sentencing law results in travesty for teen New! 04/21/00
The intimate Memoir of Clatsop Co. DA Josh Marquis New! 03/01/00
Introduction : Amnesty opposes the death penalty New! 5/11/99
M69-75 promote DA power, not victims rights! New! 10/22/99
Oregonian supports drug war over states' rights, Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law New! 10/21/99
Genge Death Video Reviewed New! 10/02/99
Oregonian's Drug War hype plays role in delaying pain relief New! 9/15/99
Cop and teacher pay; law enforcement boondoggle in Lincoln County New! 8/19/99
Lincoln City PD whitewashes Genge death New! 7/12/99
Oregonian questions police videotape of Genge death New! 7/03/99
Excessive force by Lincoln City Police kills drunk driver New! 6/30/99
Public policy in the US legitimizes violence and revenge New! 5/26/99

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Links to recent coverage of police brutality and prosecutorial misconduct
Amadou Diallo NBC Channel 4, NYC; Trial of 4 officers in Albany, N.Y. New! 01/11/00
DuPage Seven Chicago Tribune **** 3 cops, 4 DA's charged in frame-up that puts Rolando Cruz on death row 5/10/99
10th Circuit Singleton Case US Appeals Court rules DA plea bargaining used to bribe witnesses 5/10/99
10th Circuit reverses itself Full Appeals Court rules DA plea bargaining used to bribe witnesses is legal! \ 5/10/99
Win at all costsSpecial! 10-part series by Pittsburg Post-Gazette on prosecutorial misconduct 5/10/99
Forfeiture restrictedNY Times : US Supreme Court votes 5-4 to limit civil forfeiture for the first time ever 5/10/99
Tyisha MillerRiverside Press Enterprise :Officers who fired 23 shots killing 19-yr-old semi-conscious woman not charged 5/10/99
Abner Louima NYCLU Website Eight-part series on the NY police sexual torture of suspect 5/10/99
Amadou Diallo NY Times 4 cops indicted who fired 41 shots to kill unarmed man 5/10/99

The Politics of Crime Archives

M69-75 promote DA power, not victims rights! 10/22/99
Mad Mannix takes revenge on Oregon Constitution, state budget 6/04/99
Public policy in the US legitimizes violence and revenge 5/26/99
Amnesty on the death penalty - 5/11/99
Oregon Supreme Court rejects DA's law 4/13/99
The media, prison industry complex, and falling crime rates... 1/11/99
Gang violence in Hillsboro?.. 12/5/98
St. Valentines Day Massacre revisited........... 11/25/98
The N-T opposes drugwar! 11/20/98
Victims'Rights or Publicly Subsidized Revenge............. 7/11/98
Oregonian likes Clinton anti-drug advertising budget 7/10/98
Crosswalk Justice in Newport 6/12/98
NT says, "fill the jail" 1/21/98